Friday, 1 October 2010

Meanwhile, in Leeds..

So I've been living in Leeds now for 3 weeks, in a building packed full of around 200 students, each one of them studying some form of music. It's absolute madness here, I mean that as in the other week I was sat in someones kitchen at 2 in the morning, surrounded by about 20+ people, each with an instrument in their hand, whether it be a guitar, saxophone, keyboard, banjo or whatever else, jamming through the night to tune after tune.

The benefits? Anytime I need a microphone, singer, instrument, samples, spare computer or anything my musical heart desires, the chances are I only have to take a lift up or down a couple of floors to get it. I also get the chance to invite people around at short notice so I can show off my DJing skills with my midi controller and copy of Virtual DJ :)

The bad points however, is that I have to endure noise 24/7, which can get to me a little when I'm trying to sleep! The music coming from my flatmate and fellow Crouch-Ender Elliott M, doesn't make things much better either. His sub bass actually make my curtains shake! In saying that though, his music is pretty good. He mainly focuses on dubstep and dnb, and dabbles a bit in house too. Here's my favourite tune of his.

Gentlemen's Dub Club - Party Boy (Elliott M remix) by Elliott m

Check out his myspace here: www.myspace.com/elliottmmusic

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