Saturday, 4 December 2010




Yes, it's been a while, but expect daily posts from me from this day onwards, honest, otherwise you can tell me off.

Logo is thanks to Designer Dylan Bahnan, and it's coming to a music blog near you soon.

Going to be updating the blog a bit with some bits and pieces for you to enjoy within the next couple of days, so watch this space!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

NEW TRACK: I Found You (Special Features Remix) - Axwell

I've been meaning to post this on here for a while now, but I've been a bit lazy and non-productive as of recent! This is a remix of the classic Axwell track from a few years back, and it's quite a different take from the original. I'm quite excited at the fact that my own original sound is starting to come out in my productions now, and it's sounding pretty good. Lots of Avicii and Max Vangeli/An21 type vibes mixed in with my own grittier elements that come from listening to dubstep and dnb! Anyway take a listen, and I'd love to hear feedback, either from commenting on my soundcloud or e-mailing me on eden_anderson@hotmail.co.uk

I Found You (Special Features Remix) - Axwell by specialfeatures

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Promo's a bitch.

For independant artists like myself, promoting music and sending it out everywhere you possibly can is one of the most painful, boring and desperate things you'll ever do. Most forums/blogs/websites or whatever don't even respond, and it can feel like you're getting nowhere!

Luckily for me, after staying up 2 nights in a row doing nothing but raw promotion, I finally got a mention from the cool Californian music blog Chubbybeavers.com. They had this to say.

"I recently received an email submission from budding star Eden Anderson of Special Features, and all I could say after hearing his track was damnn! It blows my mind to see how much untapped talent there is out there in the House world. Eden, a 19 year old House producer from London is just a college student who produces his bangers by locking himself in his dorm room for hours. His new original track, “Keep on Loving” starts out sounding like an Avicii track, then brings in those Deadmau5 sounding chords, then breaks with a Chuckie sounding Dirty Dutch drop. This track is fucking awesome."

Check out the blog here:


Blogging my thoughts..

This remix by Max Vangeli and AN21 was one of the main tracks that converted me into listening and producing House music. The melody, vocals and overall production make it (in my opinion) practically flawless. The goosebumps never lie!

Max Vangeli broke through mainly because of this and all of the other collabs he did with AN21.
AN21 broke through mainly because he is Steve Angello's Younger brother.
Steve Angello broke through mainly because he was best friends with Sebastien Ingrosso.
Sebastien Ingrosso broke through mainly because his parents were rich music label owners (If I'm not mistaken)*

Seems to me that out of my favourite producers, the only guy to really breakthrough on his own is Avicii.

I've got this dude on Facebook, but he always seems to be too busy to reply on facebook chat (lol). He's just over a year older than me, and at my age he was producing music 9 hours a day 5 days a week! Looks like I've got work to do! o_O

*I'm not ripping/hating on these guys, I love them all and they're pros at what they do, I'm just stating the facts!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Meanwhile, in Leeds..

So I've been living in Leeds now for 3 weeks, in a building packed full of around 200 students, each one of them studying some form of music. It's absolute madness here, I mean that as in the other week I was sat in someones kitchen at 2 in the morning, surrounded by about 20+ people, each with an instrument in their hand, whether it be a guitar, saxophone, keyboard, banjo or whatever else, jamming through the night to tune after tune.

The benefits? Anytime I need a microphone, singer, instrument, samples, spare computer or anything my musical heart desires, the chances are I only have to take a lift up or down a couple of floors to get it. I also get the chance to invite people around at short notice so I can show off my DJing skills with my midi controller and copy of Virtual DJ :)

The bad points however, is that I have to endure noise 24/7, which can get to me a little when I'm trying to sleep! The music coming from my flatmate and fellow Crouch-Ender Elliott M, doesn't make things much better either. His sub bass actually make my curtains shake! In saying that though, his music is pretty good. He mainly focuses on dubstep and dnb, and dabbles a bit in house too. Here's my favourite tune of his.

Gentlemen's Dub Club - Party Boy (Elliott M remix) by Elliott m

Check out his myspace here: www.myspace.com/elliottmmusic

Mangaliso Asi Representing the UK! (& South Africa)

I was recently working with this artist before I moved over to Leeds.
Listen to just one of his tracks and you won't be able to doubt this guy's talent.
Theres thought and emotion in each of his verses and all of his tracks have
a real meaning and direction. Something hard to find in UK hip hop these days!

Here's a video of him performing at the Jazz cafe in London with Jay Electronica. An emotional moment for him no doubt.

Download his free EP here:


Yeah.. I know it's not Summer anymore, but..

This is my cousin Cherri Prince performing a cover of Summertime in my back garden, and I can also confirm that the random clicking hand is mine :)

Check out Cherri's music at the links below, she's made a free EP
called 'Listen Hear', which you'd be stupid not to download.


Thursday, 30 September 2010


My soundcloud player, if you've got your own account give me a follow and i'll return the favour.

Latest tracks by specialfeatures

Keeps on Getting Better!

Couple of my dubstep tracks from late 2009. Getting better made with my mate Elliott M, and a remix of the Saw movie theme. Don't tend to make dubstep as much anymore, but these two did well, thanks to Luke from UKF Dubstep.

So it begins..

Hey guys, thanks for checking the blog out, I'll start making regular posts soon, so come back and visit now and then.